Project Parore champions sustainable land management practice, water quality improvement and the restoration of native ecosystems on both public and private land.

Our collaborations

We collaborate with Regional and District Council, community groups and primary sector organisations to raise awareness and increase involvement in the protection of biodiversity and habitat across the eight catchments of the northern Tauranga Harbour.

Our mahi

Our work includes restoration through native planting, weed control, pest animal and predator control, water monitoring, citizen science and research. As well as education and advocacy, we are helping landowners to develop and implement environment plans.

Our support

Generous donations of time and money from organisations and local individuals has ensured continuity of our work over the past 18 years. We are a volunteer group at heart and are deeply grateful for the commitment to and passion for our environment shown by our supporters.

Our vision

A connected mosaic of productive land and restored native bush, tumbling from the Kaimai forest to our harbour where regenerating wetlands protect our coastal margins.


Treasured species like toutouwai, kereru, pekapeka and matuku hurepo thrive in a pest free habitat.


Flourishing riparian corridors stretch from hill to ocean, retaining our precious soils and sheltering waterways.


There is clear, cool water for threatened kokopu and tuna.


A healthy harbour sustains abundant parore, shellfish and thick beds of sea grass.


Resilience and sustainability are built into our working landscape through our environmental stewardship.

Why Parore?

This native fish used to be found in abundance around the estuaries within the harbour. Unimpeded land development and the resultant sediment flow into waterways has led to the progressive destruction of their breeding and feeding areas. Parore are vegetarians, and their grazing habits helped keep algal plants in check. The re-establishment of parore habitat is one measure of the project’s eventual success.

Our Supporters

We couldn’t achieve what we do without the combined effort, help and support of our amazing funders, stakeholders and the community. Thank you for your continued partnership and support!