Backyard rat traps

Our urban environment in Katikati has magnificent reserves, esplanades and walkways that embrace our river, estuarine and harbour margins. They benefit the wellbeing of our community in so many ways. Restoring and protecting these spaces, returning them to function as healthy ecosystems, habitat that supports a wealth of insect and bird life, is a collaborative community effort.

Volunteers are at the heart of our organisation, bringing the energy, effort and determination to make a difference in our shared ‘backyard’. These include the Renaturing Katikati volunteers, meeting weekly to care for the Haiku park river reserve. Other residents make time to help with seasonal planting
and weeding sessions. There is a pest-busting team who are focused on rats, mustelids, hedgehogs and feral cats.

We are very fortunate to be able to support the volunteer effort with our Katikati Environment Activator (KEA), a part-time role charged with planning, communication and coordination, along with marshalling resources and staying in touch with key stakeholders.

Project Parore would like to acknowledge and thank the collaborative efforts of Katikati Taiao and the Department of Internal Affairs to establish the KEA role.

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