Jobs for Nature

Our restoration projects have always been driven by the efforts of passionate volunteers. Health and safety requirements mean the work of landowners, residents and other community members is often restricted to planting trees.

In 2021, Project Parore was confirmed as a recipient of a $1,748,000 grant from the Ministry for the Environment’s Jobs for Nature fund. Covering a five year period (2022-2027), this means Project Parore has been able to employ four full time equivalent staff and together they form our ‘REP Crew’ – REP stands for Restore, Enhance, Protect.

Having trained staff operating powered equipment and using chemicals, working five days a week on terrain of all types, means we can make a difference at scale and more quickly.

The REP Crew are active on both private and public land, supporting and magnifying the efforts of our volunteers. All work is carried out under the parameters of agreed Environment Plans or a Memorandum of Understanding with the landowner.

The operations base for Project Parore and the REP Crew is in Mulgan Street in Katikati.

Project Outcomes

The work our REP crew does includes:

  • Riparian planting and plant maintenance
  • Pest plant and weed control
  • Animal predator control
  • Freshwater & biodiversity monitoring
  • Fish passage remediation
  • Seed collection and propagation nursery work