Our Work

Our project area stretches from the northern side of the Aongatete river to the salt marshes of Athenree, from the bush line to the tidal flats. Spanning eight catchments, we’re mainly focused on approximately 16,000 hectares of land that doesn’t already have protection via Department of Conservation, QEII, Regional or District Council covenants.

Connect with your catchment

Check out the catchment you live in. Discover projects in your area and get in touch with us if you’d like to know more and get involved.

What’s happening in urban Katikati?

Katikati township is an important part of our ecosystem and there are many opportunities for residents to support our work.

Research studies

There are a variety of research projects happening in our area including species monitoring and water testing.

All the projects

We have an array of projects underway across our rohe. We are keen to partner with those who share our enthusiasm. Here is a selection of what’s going on.

We’re all about practical efforts to improve water quality and reverse biodiversity loss.

Our work involves:


Stopping soil, nutrients and pollutants from entering waterways by encouraging good management practices across all land uses.


Retiring steep or marginal land, regenerating wetlands and planting stream banks and critical source areas to minimise the sediment load reaching the harbour.


Ongoing weed and pest animal control to protect habitat and the wildlife that depend on it.

We’re helping landowners to develop and roll out environmental plans. We’re working to enhance public land for the good of wildlife and the humans who enjoy it too. We’re supporting research and monitoring so we understand and can show the impact our work has.

None of the effort necessary to protect and restore our waterways and whenua can be done in isolation. We work alongside individuals, landowners, hapū & iwi, councils, businesses, community groups, schools and funders.

Map of our work

  • Restoration project on private land
Restoration work in the Uretara catchment started after an application to the Ministry for the Environment’s Sustainable Management Fund (SMF) in 2006 and we made a second successful application in 2009.
  • Restoration project on private land
The property is rolling to steep country with multiple springs.
  • Restoration project on private land
The property is 13.5ha of easy to rolling country, grazed by beef cattle & sheep.
  • Restoration Project on private land
The astonishing urban wetland in the heart of Katikati
  • Restoration project on public land
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  • Restoration project on public land
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  • Restoration project on public land
Harbour margin walkway and wetland
  • Restoration project on public land
One of the earliest areas of focus for volunteers, efforts to protect estuarine and wetland dwelling birds including bittern and fern bird began in 2004, with pest control for rats along the riverbank walkway.