Funnel-shaped Te Rereatukahia catchment covers 1800 hectares, with over 62% of the land under some form of protection status (most of that being DOC land in the Kaimai foothills). The steep upper reaches are clad in native bush and this catchment is the special home of NZ’s southernmost naturally occurring kauri trees. The main stream is 7km long, with 4.4km named tributary Ngututuru and over 32km of un-named tributaries.

Soil erosion and bacterial contamination are key water quality concerns however Te Rereatukahia stream, by virtue of its smaller area under productive land use, is less polluted than its sister catchments to the north and south.

Te Rereatukahia stream flows past the marae of Ngai Tamawhariua just before entering the estuary. The hapū place a great deal of value on their awa, and wish to see it return to a healthy and bountiful state.

If you are a landowner interested in sustainable land management or resident with an idea for a restoration project, get in touch. We offer support and resources to help environmental enhancement efforts in Te Rereatukahia catchment.

Catchment map