The Waitekohe catchment is a little bit unique. 11km long and a mere 2km wide, it contains both the Waitekohe and Tuapo streams. The Waitekohe stream travels unmolested by intensive land use for a significant portion of its length, due to the council reserve that ajoins the DOC boundary between Lund Road and Thompsons Track. It joins up with the Tuapo on the seaward side of SH2 before traversing a lowland flood plain to the estuary.

The water quality in the Waitekohe stream is better than that of the waterways in our 7 other catchments and the tree-clad landscape that it flows through no doubt plays a major part in this.

Project Parore is involved with the development of the Waitekohekohe Recreational Reserve, and is primarily concerned with protecting and enhancing the native bush tract that borders the stream, sensitive placement of walking tracks, reducing pest animal and weed pressure and monitoring the impact of changing land use.

If you are a landowner in this catchment and are interested in sustainable land use change, restoration or remediation, get in touch. If you are a resident interested in helping your catchment manage animal and plant pests to improve indigenous biodiversity, we’d also love to hear from you.

Catchment map