The Tahawai catchment, home to the Tahawai stream, is approximately 1,400 hectares in size.  Bounded by Lindemann Road in the south and Woodland Road to the north, this catchment shares many land use characteristics of its fellow smaller cousins: an intensive mosaic of pastoral and horticultural land use, along with some bigger chunks of exotic forestry. Tahawai has some very steep slopes and only a few pockets of more gentle contour. The stream discharges into the Uretara Estuary and the catchment has comparatively little coastal margin.

There have been two landowners join forces with the Regional Council and Project Parore (when it was called Uretara Estuary Managers) to undertake some fantastic protection and restoration work. Both properties are showcases for riparian margin retirement, with effective buffer widths making the most of marginal grazing land.

Catchment map