The largest of all our catchments, Tuapiro covers 6,200 hectares (give or take). A significant chunk (49%) is DOC estate, covered in the indigenous vegetation of the northern Kaimai range.

Nearly 6km wide, the catchment has over 200km of riparian margin and 15 km of harbour margin. The primary waterway is the Tuapiro Stream. There are six named tributary streams. The Ananui, Tamaki, Wairoa and Waitengaue Streams are all in the headwaters. The Hikurangi Stream and Tuapiro Creek, along with numerous unnamed tributaries are flow through the mid to lower reaches. Our project is focused on the pastoral and horticultural land cover, and how improving land use practices will help the ecology of the streams, including the swimmability of the popular McMillan Road water hole, and the health of the large estuarine wetlands and kai moana in and around Tuapiro estuary.

Ngāti te Wai (Tuapiro marae), Ongare Point and Kauri Point residents are part of the Tuapiro catchment.

We are currently exploring the feasibility of works in this catchment. If you are a landowner or have an idea for a project, get in touch.

Catchment map