The Waiau is different to the other seven catchments in our project rohe. Our focus is the Waiau river side, the part of the catchment that empties into the Athenree saltmarsh wetland and estuary rather than the waterways that flow to the ocean beach. Divorced from the Kaimai conservation park, this catchment has only a little native forest cover but has a significant 18km of harbour margin. Exotic forest covers a large chunk of the steeper ground with pastoral land use being the next most prevalent.

Tanners Point is included in Waiau catchment.  The Athenree Wildlife Refuge (DOC land) is set amongst wetland that is now the focus of a multi-agency collaboration with local hapū to enrich and enhance the habitat.

We are currently scoping out opportunities in this catchment. If you are a landowner or resident in this part of the harbour and are interested in pest plant control, riparian protection and indigenous biodiversity restoration, get in touch.

Catchment map